Let Them Tell Your Story

About Photostream

#Photostream is a thematic wall centered upon your business. Thanks to an essential butcaptivating graphic interface, it collects the pictures that Twitter and Instagram users share with reference to a specific account or hashtag of your choice and screens them on a thematic wall, which can be placed on a website, but also on monitors and any other responsive device.

01 Let them capture

All you have to do is encourage your customers to capture their best moments, take pictures and selfies with their friends. Emulation will do the rest. The will to be present only because others are present is one of the main reasons that naturally increases the number of selfies and general pictures publication. Selfies allow companies to identify the so-called “devoted consumers”. It is easy to grasp how these pieces of informations can be used to develop new partnerships or advertising campaigns for a specific target.

02 Let them share

Once they have taken their pictures, your customers will very easily be willing to share them on Social Networks. Twitter and Instagram are the two Social Networks to which #Photostream has access. By posting their selfies on these apps, they will not only allow you to screen them through #Photostream, but they will also spontaneously generate the so-called talked-about.

03 Let them tell

Telling stories is, no doubt, the most effective way to raise attention and empathy. One of the several ways in which a storytelling strategy can be carried out is through pictures. What someone calls visual storytelling is nothing more but a series of pictures that, together, come to recount something. This can be an event, but it can also be the story of your brand, of which your customers are keepers and tellers. Therefore, it is important to visually appeal them, but it is even better when they themselves are the one who generate contents. There is no better way to build interest and become the protagonist.

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